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Kegel Balls chat with Rebelle Sexpert!

Kegel Balls chat with Rebelle Sexpert!

Ladies, let's talk pelvic floor exercises. If you've had kids, you are probably already familiar with them. 
Men, this is a good read for you too, an informed man is a sexy man.

Let's get one thing clear, vaginas stretch. Giving birth or multiple partners do not make a va-jay-jay loose.
A weak pelvic floor however can be problematic for a few reasons, the pelvic floor muscles aid the bladder, anus, vagina and uterus in keeping firm and in place. Pelvic floor exercises are highly recommended after vaginal birth to help these areas. But really, pelvic floor (Kegel) exercises are for everyone!
Sexually, a strong pelvic floor can bring on more intense orgasms for both parties.

Now you could do kegel exercises, or you could get yourself some kegel balls and let them do the work for you!
There's a great range available on the adult concepts website.

Kegel balls work by stimulating the muscles in your vaginal walls to lightly contract. ( Just like when you do your pelvic floor exercises). You will naturally clench a little to hold them in, and from there, they do it all. The smaller the balls, the harder it can be to hold them in, so the harder you will work those walls.
You insert them into the vagina just like you would a tampon, leaving the pull cord out, and remove the same way. Your partner can even get in on the fun and pull them out for you, incorporate it into your foreplay.

I have a few different Kegel balls myself and have been using them for years, I'm always told my kitty feels tight. And men love when I pull them out (my kegels) in front of them!
For working girls, I suggest popping them in in between clients. I also do housework with mine in, school pick up etc.

Clean with your favourite toy cleaner or spray. ( Adult Concepts stock a ton too!)

Here's some of my Kegel ball recommendations:


Adam & Eve Intimate Pleasure Kegel Set -  Kegel Trainer Kit




Rebelle xx




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