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Bedroom Products Blind Satin Restraints Bondage BDSM Sex Toys Kinky Erotic


Bedroom Products Bind Satin Restraints Bondage BDSM Sex Toys Kinky Erotic

  • BIND is a sleek, discreet 3-piece restraint kit that encourages curious couples to introduce sensory play and light bondage into their bedroom adventures.
  • Start by using the blindfold on your partner -- when one of the senses is removed, the rest become heightened.
  • The two lightweight satin restraints can then be used to wrap safely and securely around the wrists or ankles, with the ability to loosen easily on demand.
  • Discreet, gender-friendly, and perfect for first-timers, BIND effortlessly incorporates the element of power exchange during partner play -- unleashing deeper levels of pleasure, connection, and intimacy. 
  • BIND includes two lightweight satin restraints and one blindfold (black) - Blindfold is one-size-fits-most