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Ouch! Non Sticky Bondage Tape 17.5 m Length BDSM Couple Kinky Sex Toys


Ouch! Non Sticky Bondage Tape 17.5 m Length BDSM Couple Sex Toys

  • The Non Sticky Bondage Tape by Ouch! measures 17.5 metres of tape. The tape is non-stick but strong enough for beginners and the more experienced bondage players.
  • For those who have seen that great movie Fifty Shades of Grey it will be no surprise on how sensual and naughty this play can be!
  • We have given the packaging some good thoughts and created it in a way that it is easy to see what the product is like and can be hung on every slatwall.
  • Available in the Black, Pink, Light Pink, Red and Transparent.
  • Specifications: - Product Length: 17.5 Metres