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Wildfire Original 4 in 1 massage oil


Wildfire ORIGINAL is packed with erectile and libido herbs that enhance your performance and longevity in the bedroom.

The Original Formula that took bedrooms by storm is still today changing love lives around the world. Ignite the passion as these exotic and powerful aphrodisiacs penetrate the skin. Take in the aroma the warmth and new sensations as this natural intimate massage oil helps you to discover each other all over again. Packed with erectile and libido herbs, Wildfire® ORIGINAL sexual massage oil helps enhance performance and longevity in the bedroom. This beautiful couple’s sensual massage oil formulation has something for everyone and is the perfect body oil for sex. The potent herbal aphrodisiacs help keep men in the game harder and longer. At the same time, it increases libido and sexual performance for females, as it trans-dermally absorbs into the bloodstream.

This product is not effective in treating sexual dysfunctions.