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  • Anal Play, for newbies...
    February 23, 2022 Rebelle Sexpert

    Anal Play, for newbies...

    Anal play, some of us love it ; ), some are not quite so sure and for some it's just a no.If you're curious about backdoor business, I've got some great tips and hints for you!1. Douche. "Yep, It's a...

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  • Kegel Balls chat with Rebelle Sexpert!
    February 17, 2022 Rebelle Sexpert

    Kegel Balls chat with Rebelle Sexpert!

    Ladies, let's talk pelvic floor exercises. If you've had kids, you are probably already familiar with them. Men, this is a good read for you too, an informed man is a sexy man.Let's get one thing clear, vaginas stretch. Giving birth...

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